When to start eCommerce marketing, surprisingly is the most common question brands asks us while onboarding. The below checklist will help you identify if it’s the right fit for your business to start eCommerce marketing to grow online revenues.


1. You are already selling products online but want to expand your market

Ecommerce marketing helps you expand the number of people you can bring to your website by showing the correct product at the correct time to a customer. If you are a known brand, customers who already know you & your website might bring you results but they seem to plateau over time. In order to scale, high intent channels like SEO & SEM help you feature your products when the customers need it the most while channels like Email, Facebook & Instagram help you stay top of the mind.


2. You are looking for a means to retarget your past audience


Ecommerce marketing channels provide easy means to collect & target the users on the website basis their past action (add to wish list, add to cart or checkout) & behavior (added to cart but did not buy) on the website. It also helps to keep your past customers aware of your latest collection, offers & season specials.


3. You want to drive a specific business goal


You can easily define a goal for your campaigns in eCommerce marketing which in turn helps the algorithms find the customers who are more likely to meet that goal once they see your advertisement. For example, Lead generation goal helps target people who are more likely to fill a lead form while the Traffic goals help to find your customers more likely to click on your ad and visit the website.


4. You want to find new customers


In order to fill the top of the funnel, it’s vital to reach new customers. eCommerce marketing provides an easy means to search for new customers with the ease of targeting by Demographics (Age & Gender), Location, Interests, Behaviors, etc. You can be as broad or as specific as you like.

You can also target people who are very similar to your past customers by using lookalike or similar audiences. This helps you find people who are very much like the current customers in your online business.


5. You want to show higher or more frequent than your competition


Last but not the least, eCommerce marketing gives you the benefit of showing higher on the search results (SEO & SEM)* & more frequent than your competition on push channels like Facebook & Instagram. This can help you get more impressions (eyeballs), clicks, add to carts, and finally conversions.

* Considering all other factors same as the ad quality, relevance, landing page experience, etc.