Our Story

Shoptimize began with a simple vision of enabling brands to reach their consumers in an increasingly digital world. Mangesh Panditrao and Vivek Phalak, the founders of the company, had both returned from the US and were running separate IT services organizations of their own. They saw an opportunity in the brand eCommerce space and were backed by Tandem Capital with a seed investment. Thus, began the journey of Shoptimize.

The company was extremely fortunate to have some great leaders join the journey along the way. The collective learnings of the leadership team are driving the company to new heights and the company is poised to be a significant player in the D2C eCommerce space globally. What began as a simple vision and two highly driven individuals is now a 100+ people team with several hundred customers. The team continues to believe that the journey has just begun and the future holds even bigger challenges and rewards.

Our Team

People at Shoptimize

At Shoptimize, we are blessed with a diverse team of equally driven, curious and creative minds who strive to work towards the company goal and support each other along the way. We work hard and we play to win… within normal business hours. This balance between professional and personal life is highly essential - it encourages us to keep working to the best of our ability without letting that smile fade away ‘coz happy teams make happy workplaces’. As a result, we’ve been successful in creating a place where all the magic happens while working alongside people we respect, admire and trust.

Awards and Recognition

TOP 15

Indian eComm start-ups, TechXchange, London 2019


Google Shopping Innovation Award 2018


The Red Herring Top 100 Global Startups, California 2018

TOP 50

Most influential eCommerce professionals, Asia Retail Congress 2018 & 2017


eRetail Solution Provider of the Year, Indian eRetail Awards 2017


Let us grow together, brick by brick!

The most productive part of our day is spent at our workplace A few of us may find our workplace inspiring and a few of us may consider it as a place to find our identity while a few may even feel trapped so it’s highly imperative that people belong to organization that cares for them and where their contribution is valued and acknowledged.

At Shoptimize, we’re on a mission to build a cult where amazing people like you will be recognized for your work. Our attitude differentiates us. Our passion defines our present and our next course of action. So, if you’re ambitious, ready to make an impact and wish to help brands grow their online business, brace yourself as you’ve arrived at the right place!

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Be it a product that you wish to acquire, a service that you need, a position that you seek, or you just like what you have seen so far…do not hesitate to reach out. We’re always excited to meet new people!


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