Menswear brand makes its D2C channel more profitable than marketplace 

The brand was keen to improve the performance of its D2C channel since this would lead to better profitability, customer engagement, retention and advocacy

91% increase in traffic 
72% increase in Revenue per visitor 
228% increase in GMV

Brand overview

A leading menswear brand with a 30 year legacy and a strong presence in offline stores and marketplaces. Over the years their brand has grown into the ultimate lifestyle destination for the fashion-conscious man.

Industry:  Apparel & Fashion

Company Size:  Mid-Market

Location:  India

Solution: Accelerator

Use Case:

  • Increase Revenue

  • Reduce Marketplace Dependency

Brand's challenges

The brand has enjoyed good success in the men’s fashion segment, both offline as well as in the online marketplaces. The brand was keen to improve the performance of its D2C channel since this would lead to better profitability, customer engagement, retention, and advocacy.

Our solution

The brand joined the Shoptimize Accelerator Program to drive D2C growth. Powered by the advanced AI driven eCommerce growth engine, the program goals were achieved by implementing unique and timely strategies. 

How it worked

Data played a central role in transforming this apparel brand into a success this festive season.   Shoptimize's intelligent Growth Platform consolidated data from different sources, including the brand's own online store and  marketplaces where the brand was present, to give a 360 degree view of the business on one easy-to-view dashboard.  


Using artificial intelligence and machine learning, the platform delivered insights and recommendations that, when implemented, resulted in higher conversion rates with better ROI.

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We will deploy Growth Platform for data backed insights & recommendations

Improved conversions through better discoverability and pricing strategy

Insights from the Growth Platform indicated that conversion rates were higher on the marketplaces. A deeper analysis revealed that the main reason was pricing. Customers on marketplaces were able to see the actual price alongside the discounted price, improving the chances of conversion. For visitors to the D2C eCommerce store, the extent of discount was not obvious and hence conversions were not as high. Based on this insight, the brand undertook the following strategies.


  • Showcasing pricing & discounting on the website with impactful banners

  • Adding ‘Clearance Sale’ and ‘Online Offers’ to keep the customers engaged on the website 

  • Displaying products in the shopping feed with ‘Sale' and ‘Price Drop’ tag

  • Displaying discounted offer with a strikethrough on the original price

  • Keeping the price advantage on the D2C eCommerce store, driving traffic from marketplace to website

  • SEO tactics to improve top of the funnel traffic

  • Strategic keyword tactics to enable bidding  

Shoptimize success stories menswear brand

Partnering with Shoptimize Accelerator Program has enabled the brand to grow its D2C store revenues. The strategic move of focusing on the right pricing for the fast-moving SKUs helped in higher conversions on the website. Successfully increasing the traffic on their website via organic search, resulted in lower acquisition costs and improved profitability as well. 

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