Everything You Need To Grow Your D2C eCommerce Business


Technology that soars

Shoptimize’s proprietary eCommerce SaaS Platform offers the best-in-class features. With robust backend technology and infrastructure, the platform is built to handle scale. Whether you have five thousand or five million concurrent users, the platform offers a uniform and uninterrupted buying experience for your customers.

  • Catalogue management system to upload and maintain your product data, configurable to your business needs
  • Standard APIs to keep data related to product, stock and pricing in sync with central repositories
  • In-built functionalities for order management, billing, returns management, loyalty and membership programs
  • Comprehensive admin panel to control and manage your eCommerce business

Your store, your brand

Build an online store that tells your story and reflects your unique brand identity.

  • Tailored buyer journeys and intuitive interfaces that elevate the user experience
  • Creative designs that are built for mobile, tablet and desktop
  • Pick from standard templates or build your own custom one

Shoptimize keeps your online store running like a well oiled machinery

Peak buying season and heavy traffic, but store is slow to load? Bugs in the shipping and pricing calculation? Or worse, shopping cart failing right at the time of checkout?
Ensuring that your store is up and running 24/7 is mission critical to the success of your online business. Regular maintenance, constant monitoring and periodic upgrades - Leave the heavy lifting to us!

IT Infrastructure Management

Hosting, database, load balancing, auto scaling, cloudwatch monitoring and CDN

Security And Firewall

GDPR compliant, PCI DSS Compliant. Regular 3rd party penetration testing

Website Performance Optimization

Automated health-checks, site uptime and page load speed monitoring

Support And Maintenance

Ongoing tech support for regular online stores operations

Technology Upgrades

Regular product enhancements to keep the eCommerce technology cutting edge

Account Management

Think tank focused on conversion rate optimization to drive revenue growth


Leverage our readymade ecosystem

The Shoptimize platform comes with standard APIs that can be used to integrate and keep the data in sync between several business software systems.

  • Integration with Enterprise Resource Planning, Supply Chain Management, Warehouse Management, Customer Relationship Management, Point of Sale systems
  • Pre-integrated with 15+ payment gateways
  • Pre-integrated with 10+ Shipping partners

Analytics & AI

Data for decision making

Shoptimize has built the world’s most advanced AI driven eCommerce growth engine. The platform harnesses data from your online store and all the other systems that it is integrated with, and uses advanced analytics capabilities and proprietary tools to provide actionable insights and opportunities for growth. This is where the magic happens!

Marketing Automation & Analytics

Marketing Automation:

  • Single platform for automating campaigns across channels
  • Segmentation, smart targeting and campaign optimization
  • Increases ROAS while reducing CAC

Advanced Analytics:

  • Dashboards to monitors 60+ parameters of the online store
  • Enables real time data based decisions, driving growth in AOV, LTV and revenue

Artificial Intelligence

  • Personalised & enhanced shopping experience to improve conversion rates
  • Dynamic messaging: Custom and relevant content based on persona, channel and visitor type
  • Personalised experience: Real time path based alerts and search personalisation based on buyer behaviour
  • Smart recommendations: Product suggestions based on what other users bought, what products are bought together and more

Automated Recommendations

    • Collates data from across 30 + different systems
    • Uses Machine Learning to learn across platform and stores
    • Algorithms that derive and recommend growth opportunities
    • Actionable and measurable insights that can improve your business performance on the D2C eCommerce store
    • Want to keep your current online store, but use our Analytics & AI engine to grow your revenue?

Digital Marketing

An engine that is revving to go

Setting up your online store is just the beginning. Ensuring that you drive traffic and convert your visitors to customers requires strong marketing capabilities and domain expertise. Shoptimize has extensive experience in driving growth, having worked with some of the leading brands in the industry.

Digital Marketing campaigns to drive traffic to the online store, convert visitors to buyers and buyers to repeat customers. Consistently delivering Y-O-Y GMV growth and improved ROI through targeted campaigns.

  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Email and SMS Marketing
  • Paid campaigns on Google, Youtube, Facebook and Instagram

Growth Advisory services to help identify and leverage growth opportunities. Leveraging deep subject matter expertise, combined industry experience of over 30 years and past successes in delivering outcomes.

  • Digital and eCommerce advisory
  • Segmented targeting
  • Real time analytics driven decision making
  • Content consultation

Everything you need to grow your business online

Whether you are an SMB looking to set up and grow your online store or a large enterprise looking for a multi-seller marketplace, Shoptimize offers an AI powered, state-of-the-art platform for all your Direct-to-Consumer eCommerce needs.

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