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Growth Platform

What is the Growth Platform? Shoptimize growth platform brings in customer intelligence data from multiple sources to provide a 360 degree view of business. Based on the data, the platform generates actionable insights and recommendations to uncover opportunities for revenue growth. How will the Growth Platform help me? The Shoptimize growth platform drives growth strategies for D2C brand marketers and business owners, through one powerful engine.


How does Growth Platform generate insights? The growth platform keeps running various machine learning models, heuristic algorithms and different scripts to identify trends and patterns from your data. The output is the list of insights specifically curated for your business. What role does AI/ML play? We use machine learning and artificial intelligence to generate insights, recommendations as well as personalizing certain aspects of the website for end users. Data is pulled at varying frequencies from real-time to batch. We utilize data going back several years and across categories to provide relevant insights and recommendations. How is insights different from a chart readout? Insights go beyond what you can just read from a chart or a dashboard. Our system makes use of advanced ML algorithms to find out trends and patterns from your data. Algorithms that are trained on months of data are run on all possible metrics, sliced and diced on various dimensions to give useful insights. What are Insights useful for? Insights will help you identify risks & opportunities from your data quickly. Insights will help you find out which marketing campaign has been performing well for you consistently or if you are losing out on revenue because of few products being out of stock or your delivery time has improved. These insights will also translate into actionable recommendations that will help you grow your eCommerce revenue.


What are recommendations? How are they generated? Recommendations are data-driven growth strategies for your business that are created by Aaryaa (Shoptimize's proprietary AI engine). These recommendations are generated by running various algorithms on the insights that are generated as well as information about your eCommerce store.

What role does ML play in generating recommendations? We use various ML based algorithms as well as heuristic based algorithms. They run on your data captured from different sources to arrive at recommendations. Since each recommendation needs to be evaluated and fine tuned based on it’s performance, self learning ML models work best in such scenarios.

What information is provided along with a recommendation? Each recommendation is equipped with detailed rationale behind the strategy, expected monetary impact and the duration in which the recommendation will work the best.

How do you decide if the recommendation is successful? Each recommendation comes with an expected impact on key metrics and a timeline. We track the metrics during that period and identify whether the expected impact was seen or not. The result of the recommendation is fed back into the system to make the algorithms more intelligent.

Data Sources

What data sources do you support? Will you support the new ones that we want? The Platform collects data from over 20 different sources in the eCommerce ecosystem covering various business touchpoints and seamlessly integrates and aggregates it. Below are few examples of the supported data sources eCommerce platforms - Shoptimize, Shopify and more Marketing tools - Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Instagram, Google Analytics and more Marketplaces - Amazon, Lazada and more Delivery partners - Shiprocket, Delhivery and more Payment partners - Razorpay, PayU and more CRM tools - Hubspot, Salesforce and more Email marketing tools - Sendgrid, Mailchimp and more Will I get historical data? The growth platform pulls historical data up to the last three months.


Can I create my own dashboards? Any restriction on the number of dashboards? The platform allows you to create customized dashboards which gives an overview of the key KPIs related to your business. Currently, there is no restriction on the number of dashboards that you can create.

Are pre-built dashboards available? Shoptimize's growth platform has a pre-built dashboard specifically designed for CXOs or anyone who wants to take a quick look at the health of the business. There is 1 business overview dashboard and 6 out of the box dashboards focusing on various aspects of your business such as website health, financial details, marketing, user experience, etc.

Can I export the dashboards or data? No, you can’t export the dashboards directly, but you can download raw data from individual charts.

Chart Builder/Explorations

Can I create my own widgets? Yes you can. You can choose from a plethora of metrics and group them by any applicable dimensions. Any limits on the number of widgets/charts that can be created? There are no limits.


Do you provide any reports? Any reports that we can take to our management on a regular basis? Yes. You will receive weekly and monthly reports that are automatically generated by our system and sent to your registered email address Can I configure my own reports? No

Demo version/Free trial of the product

Can we get access to a demo version of the product? Yes, you can get access to a demo version so you can explore its capabilities. The access will be given to a maximum of two email IDs for 48-72 hours. The information represented in the demo version will be derived from dummy data. Can we get a free trial? Currently we do not offer a free trial for the Growth Platform.


How reliable is your platform? Are there any checks in place to maintain data integrity? Our entire data platform is built with strict governance in place. We have 15 different types of validation checks in place such as data source health, metric availability, metrics accuracy, mandatory fields availability etc. Our governance model makes sure that data is validated after every step in the data pipeline. A robust alerting framework sits on top of the whole governance set up to alert our team for any proactive and reactive response. Is my eCommerce store data secure?
Your data is completely secure with proper checks in place. The end user data collected is processed on behalf of our customers only for the purpose of business growth. We will not be using your data for any other purpose.

Are your systems scalable? What performance standards do you use? Our entire platform goes through a rigorous PSR (Performance, Scalability and Reliability) testing. Standards are defined for all backends as well as frontend components. Our systems scale automatically based on the load so we never see any downtimes because of the load. How long do you store the data? Will I have to pay extra for storage of data?

Data is available by default for the last 18 months. If you want to store data for a longer duration, you might have to pay extra as per our pricing policy.


How much time do you need for onboarding?
The total onboarding process generally takes around 2 weeks from the date of sign up.

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