A product suite geared to fuel your eCommerce growth

A product suit geared to fuel your eCommerce growth - Shoptimize Growth Platform


Data-backed growth strategies to optimize costs, improve revenue and drive business growth.

Recommendations by Shoptimize Growth Platform

When powerful algorithms run on your data, magic happens!

The Shoptimize Growth Platform gives you actionable recommendations for your eCommerce business based on the trends and patterns it uncovers from all the data in your ecosystem. These recommendations, if implemented, can help mitigate risks and leverage growth opportunities.

With a data-backed rationale behind the strategy, expected monetary impact and the timeline within which the recommendation will work the best, these are actionable in a snap.

Growth cycles are short lived and time critical. Access recommendations on the go, via desktop or mobile and act immediately to make the most of the opportunities. 


Track your store performance

The system tracks the performance of each recommendation through its journey. 


Analyze your store's data

For every recommendation, the system analyzes the realized impact against the estimated impact.


The system learns continuously

The system learns continuously and intelligently understands what worked and what did not.


The system keeps fine tuning the algorithms

Based on each learning, the system keeps fine tuning the algorithms to deliver improved recommendations.

“The Shoptimize Growth Platform took out all the guesswork from our efforts. The AI engine does all the thinking for us and for the first time, we know exactly what to do, when to do it and how it will impact our topline and bottomline." 

Niche cosmetics brand


Trends and patterns that reveal how your key metrics are performing  

Connecting all the dots requires superhuman efforts. That's why we rely on AI. 

Every day, your eCommerce ecosystem generates high volumes of data, creating way too many KPIs to be tracked regularly. Knowing the trends reflecting through this data, and how they may impact your business is key to your growth. The Shoptimize insights engine is designed to deliver exactly that. 

Various machine learning models, heuristic algorithms and different scripts work on data to decipher trends and patterns, creating insights specifically curated for your business. 

Insights generated by Shoptimize Growth Platform


Which channel sources are trending? Which product pages have longer time spent on them? Mobile vs desktop, tier I vs tier II, first time vs repeat...   


How are campaigns performing city wise? Which channels are giving the

best return on ad spends? What is the cost per acquisition?   


What products are popular?What combos are working well?Are order volumes reflecting the seasonality? How is the average order value trending? 


Which offers and coupons are working?  Are the number of abandoned carts up? How are the add-to-cart and cart-to-checkout ratios performing? 


How is the revenue trending? Which products are contributing to the revenue dip? Which channels are contributing to the revenue increase ?

“While we had access to data, we had no way to connect all the dots. We had no understanding of how one metric impacted the other. Our people are smart, but there is only so much data they can handle and analysis they can do manually. The insights from Shoptimize Growth Platform were a revelation for us and gave us an entirely different perspective about our risks and opportunities."

Large consumer appliances brand


Single source of truth for informed decision making


Viewing your data in one place brings you one step closer to understanding it. 

Your eCommerce ecosystem has a lot of data and dashboards are an effective way to get a 360 degree view of your business.


The Shoptimize Growth Platform connects and aggregates data from different sources, in real time.


With its pre built dashboards, you can focus on metrics that matter.

  • eCommerce business metrics

  • Customer acquisition metrics

  • User experience metrics

  • Financial health metrics

  • Performance marketing metrics

  • Product and category metrics

Or, you can build your own custom dashboards, tracking metrics that matter to you.

Intutive dahboard by Shoptimize Growth Platform
User analysis & segementation by Shoptimize Growth Platform


Understanding your customer is the key to everything.

Learn who is visiting your store, who is interested in buying and who is just window shopping. Discover which of your advertising campaigns brought them to you. Find out which cities have your loyal customers and what their favourite products are. Dig deeper into why some customers may have abandoned their carts, and what could have helped to convert them. 

Once you understand who your customers are, segment them into cohorts based on different attributes: demographics, frequency or recency of visits, browsing patterns, buying behaviour and more.

Use different channels to deliver custom campaigns to segmented user cohorts and watch them convert.

Analysis and segmentation is easy and intuitive with the Shoptimize Growth Platform.

“We knew that data, tools and data analysts were key to growing our eCommerce channel. We had the data, but neither the tools nor the experts to make full use of the data. One of the main reasons we decided to go with Shoptimize Growth Platform was because they had both and they could help us understand our customer better.

Popular apparel brand

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