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Sweet success

A traditional sweets and snacks brand based in India was seeing an unexpected decline in its online revenues. They assumed that seasonal shifts and macro-economic challenges around the pandemic may have caused this. 

Shoptimize's insights engine derived that traffic on the website was up by 23%, but the add-to-cart to checkout ratio was down by 72% in the same period. Behind the scenes, the company had recently set a minimum order value threshold with an intent to drive towards positive unit economics. This was stored in the meta data for the store.



Increase in website




Decrease in add-to-cart to checkout ratio

Our solution

The Shoptimize Growth Platform was able to connect the dots between traffic data resting in Google Analytics and order data resting in the eCommerce Platform. 
It derived that the declining revenue was not due to reduced visitors. Instead, the challenges were caused by the minimum order value threshold. Taking this into account, the system suggested that a prompt be activated at the point of checkout. If a buyer's cart value was below the threshold, the system would prompt them to add other products to the cart. These new product suggestions were based on frequently bought products, that were not already in the cart. 




Increase in conversion rates within
48 hours



Revenue booked every day (no change in ad spends)

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Trick up the sleeve

A popular apparel brand based in India was seeing their sales growing rapidly, driven by a new product line that they had launched recently. From the new line, women’s leggings in gold and silver colours were in great demand.  However, their most popular sizes ran out of stock a week before they had anticipated.



Decrease in ROAS for Instagram campaigns

Our solution

The Shoptimize Growth Platform was able to connect the dots between product data resting in the eCommerce Platform and the ad spend data resting in Instagram. 

It recommended a reduction in ad spend, which was implemented immediately.  Meanwhile, their ROAS also dropped suddenly by 30% for the Instagram campaigns on these products. As soon as the stocks were available, the system sent a fresh recommendation to increase the ad budget for the Instagram campaigns.

Based on this learning, the brand configured a 7 days advance notice for stock-outs to be triggered by the insights engine, to prevent such situations in the future.




Saving in ad spends, which would not have been possible through manual oversight



Increase in revenue post stock-out occurrence

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In their shoes

A cruelty-free, sustainable, and vegan footwear brand was struggling to clock significant online
sales since they launched their D2C eCommerce store. They wanted to market a niche product
that was not crafted for a mass audience, and their marketplace eCommerce was dipping

Shoptimize's insights engine was able to pave the way forward, by consolidating data from various sources in one custom dashboard, and uncovering significant trends and patterns in customer buying behaviour. 

Our solution

The Shoptimize Growth Platform recommended a strategic and systematic approach to campaigns, based on the intrinsic strength of each channel as well as the buyer behaviour on each.
Instagram and Facebook were deployed for the fashion products. Google was used to generate 
awareness and also for remarketing campaigns. Email marketing campaigns were run targeting repeat
buyers. On the website, personalization was used to target different cohorts of buyers - 
personalized banners, pop-ups, coupon codes, website optimization and organic SEO.




Increase in repeat buyers



Increase in ROI 



Increase in order quantity 

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