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Turbo charge your direct-to-consumer eCommerce business

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Engagement. Conversion. Retention.

Drive hyper growth on your D2C eCommerce store

Works with Shopify, Magento and other eCommerce platforms

All your data in one place

Bring together data from all your sources – D2C store platform, marketplaces, shipping and logistics, payments, advertising, CRM platforms and more.

No coding | No engineers  | No accidental data loss

Real time analytics for data based decisions

Build your own custom dashboard views so you can get a unified view of your business and track metrics that matter to you.

Exploratory analysis

Analyze users, products, campaigns, channels, funnel and conversions.


Build customer cohorts and personas based on demographics, buyer behavior and more.

Marketing automation

Deliver custom campaigns to segmented user personas and reduce customer acquisition costs.

Actionable recommendations to drive growth

Insights by themselves don’t mean anything. Unless you have an in house team of data scientists and eCommerce experts to interpret and derive next steps from these insights.

Leverage our automated Recommendations Engine to uncover hidden opportunities for growth. Funnel drop outs, pricing optimization, promotion tips, product bundling, cart optimization and more. Deliver the right offer to the right customer at the right time and increase revenues.


Generated by Machine Learning algorithms. Vetted by Shoptimize team of expert analysts.

Workflow tool to assign tasks based on recommendations, track progress and measure results. Mobile notifications for easy monitoring.

Customer insights at your fingertips

Learn who is visiting your store, who is interested in buying and who is just window shopping. Understand which of your advertising campaigns are performing well, giving you a good return on investment. Find out which products are selling in which city and what combo offers are likely help reduce abandoned carts and convert better.


Decrease in Cart Abandonment


Increase in Average Order Value


Increase in Repeat Customer Visits


Increase in Life Time Value of Customer

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