1. Shoppers abandoning carts at checkout?

  2. Sale not being completed due to product being out of stock?

  3. Shoppers hesitating due to shipping charges?

  4. No understanding of how seasonality impacts sales?

  5. No insights on how different campaigns are performing?

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Increase your Shopify eCommerce store revenue 10x

Setting up an eCommerce business with Shopify is easy, scaling up is another story. Your Shopify eCommerce platform offers you all the basic functionalities you need to run your business. But in order to grow your revenues, you need to understand your visitors and engage with them, so you can improve conversions. You might have to spend on separate Shopify apps or plugins to track and improve your sales. You might not be getting all the sales analytics you need to make informed decisions. We can help you grow your Shopify store.

Shopify eCommerce Platform + Shoptimize Growth Platform 

The Shoptimize Growth Platform is an analytical tool that helps you understand the data in your eCommerce ecosystem, so you can make better data-driven decisions and grow your Shopify store revenues. 

The Shoptimize Growth Platform will plug into your Shopify store and also integrate with other platforms in your eCommerce ecosystem, including your web hosting platform, marketing platforms like Facebook Ads, Mailchimp, tracking tools like Google Analytics, and many more. You can also integrate with marketplaces like Amazon to compare your performance.  The Shoptimize Growth Platform is a one-stop shop for all your eCommerce related needs.

With the data from all your different sources, the Shoptimize Growth Platform uses AI and ML to derive insights and recommendations -  Funnel dropouts, pricing optimization, promotion tips, product bundling, cart optimization and more. 

Are you losing revenue from

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3X decrease in cart abandonment

10X increase in average order value

5X increase in repeat customer visits

10X increase in customer lifetime value

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