Times of India, 1st Dec 2021

The growth of D2C e-commerce is visible across almost all segemnts. Brands are adopting D2C with renewed vigour.

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BW Disrupt, 12th Oct 2021

We are forecasting a growth of 400% in GMV' Mangesh Panditrao, CEO & Co-Founder, Shoptimize

Shoptimize estimates that the selected brands will be able to drive a combined annual GMV of INR 500 Crores via their D2C eCommerce channel.

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CXO Outlook, 4th Oct 2021

Why big brands should go online

The long-term shift to digital, however, is because of much more than just lockdown-related compulsion.

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Daily Pioneer, 10th Sept 2021

Roll-up e-commerce makes life easier for D2C brands

Roll-up e-commerce firms are based on the principle of aggregating small brands and helping them grow through economies of scale.

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CNBC18, 9th Sept 2021

Startup Digest: Shoptimize sees a Rs 500-cr GMV uplift in D2C ecommerce sales through its program

Here are the top stories that made headlines in the startup universe.

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Entrepreneur India, 7th Sept 2021

Importance of Roll-Up eCommerce in the success of Direct-to-consumer brands

Given that disposable income is going up and customers are always ready to buy something new and exciting, it's a good time to be in D2C and in the roll-up e-commerce sector

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Best Startup Asia, 22nd Aug 2021

101 Top Indian Information Services Companies and Startups of 2021

These startups and companies are taking a variety of approaches to innovating the Information Services industry, but are all exceptional companies well worth a follow

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Business World, 19th Aug 2021

Shoptimize sees a 500 crore GMV uplift in D2C eCommerce sales through its Accelerator Program

Through this program, Shoptimize estimates that the selected brands will be able to drive a combined annual GMV of INR 500 Crores via their D2C eCommerce channel

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CXO Outlook, 5th Aug 2021

Shoptimize collaborates with G.O.A.T Brand Labs to drive D2C growth in India

Shoptimize, a global D2C eCommerce platform announced a collaboration with G.O.A.T Brand Labs to accelerate growth for D2C brands in India

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Live Mint, 15th July 2021

Millennials and GenZ vibe with differentiated brands

The proliferation of direct-to-consumer (D2C) or internet-first brands across categories such as apparel, beauty and personal care is another example of what the new-age consumer is looking for

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Live Mint, 1st July 2021

Legacy firms are eager to grab a slice of the D2C pie

Shoptimize, the company that helps set up D2C e-commerce websites for brands and drives growth for them, has seen its business jump 300% since January

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YourStory, 27th June 2021

India MSME Summit 2021

Empowerment, ecommerce, excellence - 40 quotes on the key role and transformation of the MSME sector

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Business Today, 27th June 2021

Wake-up Call

As business came to a standstill during last year's lockdown, food retail companies and restaurants embraced technology to stay afloat

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Inc42, 11th June 2021

The Dialogue By Inc42 & Microsoft

How India’s eCommerce enablers are helping India’s D2C brands scale up. Read more >

Eat My News, 1st June 2021

There is no dearth of challenges in every entrepreneur’s journey

Formal education is an indicator of consistent efforts and focuses from an early age. Read more >

CXO Outlook, 19th May 2021

What demonetization did to digital payments, COVID-19 is doing to eCommerce

One major trend in the post-Covid shopping landscape is the growth of D2C (direct-to-consumer) brands. Read more >

SME Futures, 11th May 2021

Can e-commerce bring about a fundamental change in the way we shop for vehicles in India?

"The automobile segment has already moved online & is enjoying a spurt in sales through online channels." Vardhan Phadnis Read more >

Inc42, 9th May 2021

How data analytics will transform D2C eCommerce space

As D2C ecommerce brands gear up to make their presence felt in 2021, here’s how data analytics can change the game for them. Read more >

YourStory, 8th May 2021

Starting small, going big: How the D2C model is helping MSMEs go global

For MSMEs with limited budgets, this allows them to set up shop and start promoting their brands at much lower costs. Read more >

BW Disrupt, 15th Apr 2021

Shoptimize teams up with Onelife Nutriscience for an all-new D2C eCommerce experience

The partnership will enable Onelife to implement a streamlined, data-driven approach to D2C channel through Shoptimize’s end-to-end platform. Read more >

Indian Retailer, 9th Apr 2021

Why retailers are betting big on D2C retail strategy?

“Brands get lost in a cluttered marketplace, D2C e-commerce store is a better way to tell the brand story. It definitely helps in brand recall and loyalty, elaborates Mangesh Panditrao Read more >

YourStory Media, 11th Mar 2021

MSME's rely on banks for growth - Roundtable 2021

“Existing platforms also offer unique financial services such as invoice discounting etc. We work with several startups and many among them aren’t aware of these things. There is a lack of awareness about it,” said Mangesh Panditrao Read more >

ET Prime, 10th Mar 2021

Beyond Ambani vs Bezos, resourceful small retailers offer a glimpse of retail

Mangesh CEO & Co-founder - Shoptimize said that they have been handholding small businesses for 8 years and there are multiple stages where they often need help. Read more >

Media Brief, 8th Mar 2021

EXCLUSIVE | Be fearless, dream big and invest in yourself: Sathya Ramaganapathy, Shoptimize

On this International Women’s Day, we caught up with Sathya, who in this exclusive interaction with MediaBrief addresses the challenges that women continue to face at the workplace, how to overcome them, what sets women leaders apart Read more >

CXO Today, 8th Mar 2021

International Women’s Day 2021: Quotes from powerful female tech leaders

“At Shoptimize, we firmly believe in equal opportunity for women, and building an inclusive, bias-free organization has been our topmost priority. Read more >

YourStory, 5th Mar 2021

8 companies that are helping MSMEs grow business online on social media platforms

Shoptimize's growth platform drives hyper-growth for the brands' D2C ecommerce store. Read more >

Business Insider, 22nd Feb 2021

Discounts have dropped lower on the customer’s priority list, say Indian e-tailers

Mangesh Panditrao, co-founder of Shoptimize, a startup which helps businesses come online, told Business Insider, "The COVID-19 pandemic sparked an increased preference for high-quality products that enhance wellness Read More>

Entrepreneur Lounge of India, 11th Feb 2021

In Conversation with Mangesh Panditrao - Co-founder & CEO - Shoptimize

Exclusive interview with our CEO about his entrepreneurial journey to inspire young people and students into entrepreneurship. Read More

Startup Info, 11th Feb 2021

Grow your D2C sales exponentially

We talked to Mangesh Panditrao of Shoptimize about the only one-stop D2C eCommerce platform, and he had the following to say Read More

StartUp Story Media, 10th Feb 2021

Shoptimize | End to End D2C eCommerce Growth Platform

"There is no better time to start than today. One should not stress too much about the goal and the business plans. You will figure it out along the way" Read More

Live Mint, 4th Feb 2021

FMCG companies eye launch of digital first brands

As consumers in India’s top cities spend more time shopping for groceries online, fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) makers are accelerating the launch of digital-first brands Read More
Trends that will shape the D2C ecommerce space In 2021

Financial Express, 23rd Jan 2021

Trends that will shape the D2C eCommerce space In 2021

There has been a significant uptick in online purchases fuelled by fears about risking infection at physical stores Read More

YourStory, 13th Jan 2021

Wake up and smell the ‘fake’: How D2C brands fight the $2.5 billion counterfeit brand industry

Pune-based Shoptimize, which built ecommerce platforms for Haldiram’s, Luminous, and Whirlpool, says that copies are aplenty in fashion and lifestyle sectors Read More

Inc42, 9th Jan 2021

Why a robust eCommerce Strategy is a must today

Improving the speed, quality and scope of data analytics by breaking data silos and pooling reports is crucial, particularly as the volumes of data continue to grow Read More

India Infoline, 31st Dec 2020

What eCommerce businesses are expecting from 2021

The 30 day Diwali sales period saw a 484% increase in the online store visitors and sessions. While sales hit their peak on 23 October 2020, the entire three months of September to November saw heightened activity and sales Read More

Financial Express, 31st Dec 2020

D2C eCommerce trends for the festive season

Despite festive celebrations being relatively lowkey this year, the Shopitimize team has observed that consumer festive spends at their clients’ D2C stores have not gone down compared to previous years Read More

Economic Times Prime, 30th Nov 2020

Consumer-centric companies invest in their own D2C websites

Promoted by the pnademic a lot of consumer facing brands are setting up thier D2C websites and continue to invest in D2C eCommerce channel Read More

YourStory, 25th Nov 2020

This business builds D2C eCommerce platforms for SMBs, as well as Haldiram’s, Whirlpool, and Luminous

Pune-based Shoptimize provides SMBs and large businesses with an out-of-the-box D2C ecommerce platform Read More

Inc42, 20th Nov 2020

Can Shoptimize Take On Shopify & Other Global Giants In India’s Booming D2C Market?

After starting out as a service to help brands launch online stores, Pune-based Shoptimize added a growth-oriented analytics platform Read More

Mint, 18 November 2020

Of digital-first consumer brands and challenges

Panditrao says that even pre-covid they were working with a clutch of new-age D2C brands but as the pandemic hit offline sales Read More

Inc42, 25 October 2019

After Setting Up Over 100 Ecommerce In India, Shoptimize Eyes Southeast Asia

Going beyond India, Pune-based Startup Shoptimize has announced two new business opportunities in Southeast Asia after the company Read More

Economic Times, 24 October 2019

Shoptimize expands beyond India

Shoptimize, which helps brands set up their own e-commerce platforms, has expanded operations beyond India Read More

Exchange4media, 21 May 2019

Brands must leverage technology to build online biz: Mangesh Panditrao, Shoptimize India

Shoptimize, an Artificial Intelligence-powered e-commerce platform drives conversions through brand websites Read More


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