People at Shoptimize

At Shoptimize, we are blessed with a strong, diverse team of equally driven, curious and creative minds who strive to work towards the company goal and support each other along the way. We work hard and we play to win… within normal business hours. This balance between professional and personal life is highly essential - it encourages us to keep working to the best of our ability without letting that smile fade away ‘coz happy teams make happy workplaces’. As a result, we’ve been successful in creating a place where all the magic happens while working alongside people we respect, admire and trust.

Our Vibe

We challenge ourselves every step of the way. We take criticism in our stride and thrive on innovation. We are strongly driven by the power of “Why not”. We ask new questions everyday and we experiment with solutions. The team resonates at a different frequency from the rest of the world and we do not shy away from trying something new.

In times of crisis, we emerge stronger than ever like a phoenix from the ashes. In spite of a struggle, we are not afraid to acknowledge it as that helps us in moving on and not let anything affect what we are here to achieve. That’s what Shoptimize is all about… we adapt, we motivate and we move on…we’re unstoppable!

Core Values

We inspire people internally as well as externally through our strong values. A few of the values we live by as a company are -


We care and we express through several initiatives we run in-house. It’s highly imperative that employees feel valued at every step. It’s only then that we will be able to create a happy workplace for themselves


We establish trust with not only our customers but also our employees by communicating honestly and transparently. We empower our people to voice ideas, opinions, and share honest feedback.


We value and respect people from all backgrounds. We believe that a diverse and inclusive workplace nurtures innovation and creativity, and are committed to building a culture where everyone feels valued.


Thinking out of the box is what we encourage. We challenge the status quo, work outside of our comfort zones, and fearlessly pursue initiatives that help us stand out in a crowd.

Customer Success

We help our customers achieve extraordinary results so that we continue growing together, because their success is linked with ours. We strategically expand our business offerings, increase our impact, and create enormous stakeholder value for our customers, employees, partners, and communities. At Shoptimize, we motivate and align our people with ongoing opportunities for growth, development, and success.

Our Culture

At Shoptimize, we’ve built a culture of transparency, integrity, accountability and alignment. We keep our culture healthy and strong by sticking to our values, behaviors, and the experiences we deliver through our products, events and the company we keep.

Our Frontrunners

Meet the brainiacs who channel our vibe. Explorers, travelers and visionaries - they carve out the unconventional route of our thought process. With years of storytelling expertise, product innovation approach, design thinking and business acumen in their DNA, they channel the next gen at Shoptimize.

Mangesh Panditrao Co-founder and CEO
Vivek PhalakCo-founder and CTO
Vardhan PhadnisChief Sales Officer


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