Shoptimize is creating a thriving ecosystem of all service providers in the brand eCommerce domain. We have an attractive partner program for design agencies, branding agencies, logistics and shipping providers, and payment gateways, technology providers like, inventory/warehouse management solutions, CRM providers, etc. These companies touch the Brand in some part or the other through the eCommerce lifecycle. We believe in building a strong partner network providing eCommerce innovation to brands across B2C and B2B industries.

Solution Partners

Shoptimize Partnership Program allows us to jointly address the following fundamental needs of Brands:

  • Brand eCommerce and not just MARKETPLACE eCommerce: Nearly 80% of consumers likely to buy from a Brand that presented them with offers targeted to their interests, wants and needs rather than a MARKETPLACE.
  • Brands demanding better ROI: Increasing advertising costs are forcing brands to demand better performance and revenue growth.
  • Utilizing Best-in-class Technology: AI and Machine Learning technology has made it possible to analyze every user touch point on the brand website and convert it to meaningful actionable opportunity, be it conversion ratio or segmented digital marketing.
  • Ability to provide an end-to-end eCommerce solution to your Brands.
  • Access to leading Indian and MNC brands to upsell your services.
  • Mutually win-win business relationship.
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