6 Tips to improve CTR’s of your paid ads

Updated: Jan 11

Are you running paid ads? Then having above-average CTR’s – Click through rates is of utmost importance to you. What is CTR? CTR means the percentage of people who click on your ad after seeing your ad. Only when your prospects click-through your ad can they progress through the rest of your marketing funnel. The biggest challenge here is how to compel our audience to click on your ads.

The first step is by writing attention-grabbing headlines. How do we do that? Well, here’s how…

1. Start with keyword research, the target keyword should be present in the headline

Keyword research can be done using tools like Google Keyword Planner. Your target keyword should be relevant to your category/product. You can write responsive ad copies with multiple headlines and every headline can have different keywords inserted. Keyword insertion ad copies are more personalized and have better CTR’s and quality scores.

2. The ad copy should be relevant to the topic the user is looking for

Your ad relevance diagnostics on Facebook and keyword quality score on Google Ads will be above average only if the ad copy is relevant. Try writing content relevant to the user and the product you are promoting. Also, keep in mind your campaign objective. If your campaign objective is brand awareness, write more about your brand, USPs, how the brand can be a part of user’s life, and more.

3. Always include a strong call to actions in the ad copy

A prominent call to action in your ad copy gives your user a path to the next step. It puts through a direct message to your target audience. If your campaign objective is conversion your call to action button should be "Shop No" "Buy Now". This gives clear instructions to the user and helps in improving paid ads CTR.

4. You can focus on price or mention compelling unique selling points

From an eCommerce perspective, price plays a major role in decision making hence adding product price or an ongoing offer is always a good idea. Top it up by including USP’s of your product or services. Google Ads have the option of adding a promotion ad extension in your ad copies. In the Facebook Ad platform, you can add the offer/price by editing the image or in the headline or description.

5. Take inputs from your own social media pages

Keep analyzing which kind of content your followers are engaging the most with on social media. You can create similar ad copies for other campaigns and channels too.

6. A/B test with different headlines

Create several headline variations for the same campaign or ad group in order to find out which one performs the best. You can analyze their performance basis engagement rate, CTR, bounce rate.

You can also check how effective your headline is through these free online tools

Highlighting a few examples of a good ad copy below:

The above 6 techniques will help you get a better click-through rate from your paid ads and should be sufficient to help you improve your campaign performance. It is always a good idea to experiment and see what works for you. Once the traffic on your site increases, you need to then shift focus on improving your conversion rates.

If you have any suggestions or ideas other than these quick tips that you use for improving ad performance on your site, let’s talk!!!