Four things you can achieve with The Shoptimize Growth Platform

Updated: Apr 29

 360-degree view of your eCommerce operations

The eCommerce industry is mainly dependent on data to continue to stay ahead of the competition. However, the sheer volume of data that D2C brands have to deal with is incomprehensible to the human mind.

Therefore, the only way to achieve market success and sustainability in the midst of rising competition is through advanced and intuitive tools that can dissect, simplify, and deliver data in a manner that makes the most sense to us - as insights.

The Shoptimize Growth Platform, a leading eCommerce intelligence solution, helps businesses achieve higher efficiency through the use of AI-driven data interpretation. Machine learning models and heuristic algorithms allow Shoptimize to identify trends and patterns from your data, that act as critical information sources for brand owners and eCommerce managers to be able to understand the dynamics of the market and target consumers.

The platform is able to deliver high-quality and actionable results in record time and with better returns on investment than from a manual team.

In this article, we discuss what the platform has to offer and how your eCommerce brand can use the platform for maximum benefit.

Shoptimize’s Growth Platform brings in customer intelligence data from multiple sources such as sales channels, social media platforms, and marketing tools to provide a 360-degree view of your eCommerce operations. The AI engine uses this data to generate highly relevant and actionable insights and show you growth opportunities for the brand.

Here are four things you can do with the Shoptimize Growth Platform:

1. You can see the big picture.

eCommerce businesses generate a lot of data almost every minute of every single day. Just gaining a singular view of such large amounts of data is a challenge for eCommerce brands today. Decision-making off the back of this data is a whole other challenge.

However, if this data isn’t also categorized and studied, it doesn’t do much for the brand to just be gathering this data.

The Shoptimize Growth Platform allows brands to integrate their data from over twenty different sources within the eCommerce ecosystem, covering various business touchpoints. It then seamlessly aggregates this data onto one platform. This allows brand owners and eCommerce managers to understand their business’s performance on a daily basis, and make data-backed decisions.

Users have the liberty to choose from a host of pre-built dashboards or create their own customized dashboards focusing on various aspects of the business such as the website’s health, cash flow, marketing outcomes, user experience, and more. Each dashboard can represent the desired information clearly, and give every person on your team access to just the data they need to do their jobs even better.

The platform can integrate with online marketplaces, digital storefronts, CRM tools, communication and marketing platforms, as well as payment and logistics service providers. Through the use of API integrations, the enterprise is able to share information between different partners seamlessly. These integrations also allow business owners to create a network of data points that can interact with each other in real-time, delivering insights and analytics that can be leveraged instantaneously.

Time taken to set this up: You can integrate a data source in under 15 minutes.

Time taken for results to appear: Less than a few hours.

2. You can unlock new growth opportunities.

Every day, new eCommerce brands crop up, often in competing product categories. No differentiator is big enough to keep the competition out forever. The Growth Platform helps you identify new opportunities as they evolve, and helps you stay ahead of your competition.

Insights generated from the platform can be used by brand owners to identify new opportunities in various areas of eCommerce operations. For example, reducing the number of people abandoning carts might contribute to a significant increase in revenues.

Or, conversions might be higher when using a certain ad channel, and increasing your spending here might help you improve your ROAS.

Typically, eCommerce brands would need a team of subject matter experts to identify problems and solutions tactically, but it can now be done from a single interface.

The platform can also be used to understand the risk associated with a major decision, partnership, or opportunity. The platform is able to create a risk profile for a particular aspect through the use of previous data and its outcomes. Such a risk profile is then used to assess different decisions that a business may make or partnerships it may get into.

Time taken to set this up: You can begin identifying growth opportunities in as little as 60 minutes.

3. You can make decisions and implement them faster.

The Growth Platform uses data derived from multiple sources and fed by the user to help nudge your eCommerce brand in the right direction. For example, since the platform is connected to the Google Ads platform, it can offer insights on what keywords to increase your ad bids for and which ones to remove from your list based on conversion activity.

Moreover, these recommendations are presented in a very conversational, specific manner so that even someone with minimal experience performing these tasks can immediately make changes and see the outcome of these changes.

As we know, consumer priorities are a significant variable in eCommerce. By actively looking for sales opportunities and advising you on how and where to spend your ad money, the platform allows you to adapt to changing consumer needs quickly while also allowing you to forecast these changes better over a period of time.

Time taken to see results: The platform starts offering recommendations based on data within 24 hours.

4. You can finally understand your customers better.

As your eCommerce brand begins to grow, so will the diversity of customers you serve. Everything from their location to their age, preferences, and even their life stages would be different. Some people may buy smaller-value items more often, while others may browse for longer and make a single, large value purchase instead.

To be able to cater to all of their needs, we must first understand their behavioral markers. Because Shoptimize gathers data from all business sources, the recommendations it makes are highly user-behavior driven. In other words, the platform helps you segment users based on their behavior, and this allows you to create campaigns for their specific needs.

As Shoptimize delivers recommendations and brands use them to make decisions, the platform tracks the performance of actions taken based on these suggestions. This allows you to assess the value that you garner from these recommendations while also allowing Shoptimize to adapt to the business environment as the results of these experiments begin to surface.

Because your operations are now centered around the user, everyone in the system from the inventory manager to the digital marketer and everyone in between can gain something valuable from the platform on a near-daily basis.

Time taken to see results: A business is able to track the performance of decisions taken based on recommendations in 2 weeks.

In short, where eCommerce brands would typically need the help of a large and experienced analytics team, you can now depend on the Shoptimize Growth Platform to meet these needs for you. In an increasingly data-driven world, brands that leverage the resources that they do have at scale can continue to succeed.