How to set up a Shopify store and grow it by 5x

Updated: Aug 11

Are you considering starting an online store for your D2C business? We’ve got you covered! In this article, learn about one of the best eCommerce solutions, Shopify, how you can set up or move your existing store, and how it can help you grow your sales up to 5 times with intuitive features designed specifically for eCommerce brands like yours.

Why move to Shopify?

Shopify is a major eCommerce platform solutions provider, allowing you to build full-fledged online stores for virtually all categories of products. Here are some of the reasons for you to move to Shopify.

1. Scalability

One of the biggest pros of having a store on Shopify is that you scale very quickly. The platform caters to sellers of all sizes. So even if you start small, you wouldn’t have to worry about changing your platform as you grow.

2. Plug-ins

The wide range of apps and plugins that Shopify supports is great to get the best out of your online selling experience. The Shopify app store has thousands of apps from several developers and enterprises, so you can integrate your favorite functionalities and features into your store.

3. Customization

Shopify allows users to customize their store completely, giving you absolute control of how your website looks. Apart from the vast template library, the platform allows you to choose from several paid templates and easily edit them as per your choice. For brands that would like more customization, the platform also supports custom HTML5 and CSS.

4. Reliability

A major reason why Shopify is such a major player in the eCommerce platform is its reliability. When you run an online business, the last thing you want is your store to face downtime. With a 99%+ uptime guarantee, Shopify keeps your store up and running at all times.

How to set up a store on Shopify?

Here are the basic steps of setting up your store on Shopify.

1. Sign up

First, you need to sign up and create an account for your business with your preferred plan (Basic, Shopify, and Advanced). Enter information about your business such as your registered address, your industry, and the types of products that you sell.

2. Add products

Next, add the products that you want to sell on your online store and specify their prices. You can also add tags to your products, filters, and sorting information to help your customers easily find what they want.

3. Choose a look

After adding your products, choose how you want your store to look. This is where you have to select a theme and layout for your store, the color scheme, the flow, and other design elements.

4. Set up your domain

Next, set up your domain on Shopify, where you can either create a new domain name or transfer your existing domain to the Shopify platform.

5. Activate payments

Finally, you can activate payments for your store. This is where you choose and integrate a payment gateway and processor to accept payments for your online. Please note that Shopify will charge a transaction fee for every purchase made on your online store.

How Shoptimize can help

Shoptimize brings over 10 years of experience working on growth efforts for D2C brands. We pride ourselves on our ability to deliver high-quality solutions that have helped several leading brands improve revenue through the help of our tools. Our technical expertise and experience with modern eCommerce stores give us the edge in helping D2C brands succeed.

At Shoptimize, we now offer comprehensive solutions for operating a Shopify store. Our team experts help brands set up, configure, and launch a Shopify store from scratch, or migrate an existing store.

What do we bring to the table?

At Shoptimize, we bring several years of experience in enabling growth for D2C brands. We understand what it takes to start and grow a retail brand and nurture it towards successful outcomes.

  1. We help retail brands that are just starting their own website set up and run their stores on Shopify.

  2. We have years of experience in helping brands move from platforms such as WooCommerce and Magento 2.0 to Shopify without any downtime for the storefront.

  3. Our flagship offering, the Growth Platform has helped leading brands pivot and grow exponentially over the years. The Platform delivers insights and recommendations based on in-depth analyses and helps online stores boost conversions.

How Shoptimize helps with your Shopify store

Now that the basics are out of the way, there is much more than just setting up that goes into running an online store. From updating your store to maintaining it, there are a host of technical functions that need to be executed to ensure that your customers are getting the best experience possible. Therefore, at Shoptimize we help you set up your store so that your business can grow exponentially.

1. Initial store setup and theme recommendations

Shoptimize helps brands set up an online store on Shopify from the ground up and provides services to enable the most important features. Our team can help you select the right designs, configure features for the platform, set up integrations with logistics partners for shipping, and set up payment gateways to enable receipt of online payments. Having worked with D2C brands before, we can help you pick the right theme and customize it for your industry.

2. Content and User Experience design

The user interface is an integral part of the experience of customers on the website. Good flow and logic are necessary to convince a customer to finalize a purchase. At Shoptimize, we help brands revamp their website, designing better UI and implementing it on their website for improved engagement, conversion, and retention rates.

At the same time, we also know that content on the website is a key aspect of online sales. We help you create compelling product-level and store-level content that is also SEO-friendly. This way, you maximize your chances of selling more.

3. Shopify store upgrade services

To ensure that your online store works smoothly and has the latest functionalities available at all times, you need to keep your store updated. At Shoptimize, we help you upgrade to the latest version of Shopify to help get access to all the latest features and improve your user experience.

Shoptimize also helps brands improve their website content, and enables capabilities such as social media integration, live chat integration, SMS notifications, etc. From experience, we are also able to recommend to you the best plugins you need for launching your store, and a roadmap for what features need to be added by when. This way, you have a trusted partner to guide you through the setup process.

4. Setting up logistics and payment gateways

Once your store is set up and ready, logistics must be considered. Who will you ship your products with? Will you need more than one delivery partner? These are some decisions we can help you make. Once the partner is chosen, we can set up the Shopify interface to help you ship with them seamlessly, print shipping labels, create consignments, and send out packages, all from the same interface. A similar choice needs to be made about payment gateways. Today, consumers expect several different payment options, and we can help you set up and enable these on Shopify.

5. Managing your user profiles

An eCommerce store needs to be managed by several people, but not everyone needs access to the same data. Defining and setting up user profiles ensures that each user sees only the information most relevant to them. Our team can help you define these user roles, grant permissions, and even create custom reports that are most relevant to each profile. Doing so ensures that as you prepare for growth, your operations run smoothly in the background.

6. Features enablement

Shoptimize helps you incorporate new features into your online store. Our team helps develop custom features or implement standard features, depending on demand or growth goals to help convert the maximum number of customers visiting your website.

Online store features such as filtering systems, feedback mechanisms such as suggestions and reviews sections, etc. can be set up and enabled by us, as can social media and live chat integrations, and the ability to send promotional mail and SMSes through Shopify.

Final thoughts

Shopify is a great platform for brands to run their online store. However, the sheer competition in the market and the complexities require you to seek help from experts. At Shoptimize, we deliver just that, helping you set up, maintain and grow your store with our growth engine and expertise.

Contact us to know more about Shoptimize’s comprehensive Shopify solutions.