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Brand eCommerce is expected to drive the next phase of growth in eCommerce. Estimates have shown the revenue share from brand eCommerce is expected to rise as high as $100 billion by 2026. Shoptimize offers brands it’s proprietary best-in-class eCommerce SaaS platform, to drive brand eCommerce revenue.

The first phase of the project involves getting the user experience designed to be able to clearly communicate the value proposition in front of the consumer. Our creatively inclined experienced designers have built interfaces for over 85+ brands that have not only increased the site’s usability but has also has led to a smooth completion of any task at hand thereby making everything enjoyable and flexible as per the requirements of users. We avoid trying to fit the story into a template and let the brand be creative while focusing on an efficient workflow for the online shopper. Once the design is ready, the Shoptimize UI team configures the platform UI layer to build on the online store experience. We take a modular approach to assembling the UI and the custom look and feel is put together in less than 5 days of development time.
The Shoptimize platform comes pre-integrated with 15 payment gateways and 8 logistics providers. Our clients only need to sign the agreement with the partner of their choice and they are ready to go in minutes. Shoptimize enables pre-negotiated rates with third-party vendors saving valuable time spent in negotiations and understanding the offerings and the fine print. In several cases, our clients need the online store integrated with their backend ERP/CRM/POS systems to ensure smooth running of operations. The Shoptimize platform comes with standard APIs that can be used to keep the data in sync between several business software systems.
Shoptimize has built a proprietary catalogue management system which helps our clients upload and maintain large amounts of data intuitively and quickly. The system uses easy to understand spreadsheets which have in-built error handling. This makes the initial upload of data and the ongoing maintenance extremely easy. In certain larger clients, there are central product data repositories and Shoptimize uses standard APIs to keep the data related to products, stock and prices in sync For any organization which is making the digital shift, there is a lot to learn. Shoptimize runs in-depth training sessions along with it’s partners such as Google and AWS to help organizations make the shift to be a digitally driven company


The ongoing operations of an eCommerce store are getting increasingly complex especially from a technical perspective. Through it’s SaaS platform, Shoptimize takes the entire onus of operation, managing, securing and scaling online store so that our clients’ can focus on growing business and post-sales service.

Our platform is integrated with state of the art performance monitoring tools which are capable of identifying outages down to the functionality level. These include automated health-checks, log monitoring and frontend simulation tools 47% of internet users expect a page to load in less than 2 seconds. Hence, it is no surprise that a 1 second delay in page load would cost Amazon $1.6B in annual sales. Maintaining performance for a functionally heavy eCommerce store is no easy feat. Shoptimize focuses on continuously improving page load speed and using technologies like Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMPs) and Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) to ensure that our clients always gets the best possible ROI from their digital investments.
The Shoptimize platform is integrated with Firewalls to ensure that user data is kept safe at all times. Shoptimize performs Penetration tests through 3rd party agencies to ensure that we keep up with the latest there is to maintaining the online store in a secure manner. Shoptimize is a PCI DSS Compliant platform and follows all mandates laid down by regulatory authorities such as GDPR, etc. Digital commerce is an ever-evolving ecosystem of browsers, cookies, regulations, integrations with 3rd parties and security mandates. Shoptimize helps you navigate this journey by investing in keeping up with the latest and greatest on the technology front.
The Shoptimize platform comes with a default Analytics panel which tracks over 60 critical eCommerce metrics. The platform helps in tracking metrics across marketplaces, social media activity, customer support tools and digital marketing to give you a wholistic picture of your business.


Shoptimize takes up various initiatives to increase user base, convert users to buyers and make first time buyers into repeat customers thus increasing brand loyalty. We work closely with brand’s marketing and creative teams to ensure that we are aligned with the company’s business and brand objectives.

The Shoptimize SEO team works on identifying key search terms that are important for the brand from a traffic and conversion perspective. SEO is a race without a finish line and our team continuously works on content recommendations as well as technology to ensure that the brand ranks high on SEO. All our sites are on https which is ranked higher by Google. Also, the shift to mobile performance for SEO ranking is something we had pre-empted and have invested in making our clients’ websites mobile optimized. Accelerated Mobile Pages comes standard with the platform and are a great way to improve SEO ranking. Shoptimize is a Google Premier Partner and we work closely with Google to improve ad performance on the Google Network. Shoptimize catalogue is integrated with Google PLA feed and any changes made from the admin panel on the catalogue reflect on the Google Product feed automatically. Shoptimize also augments Google Audience Lists with knowledge gained from the usage on the platform to fine tune targeting and reduce cost of acquisition.
Social media is a great way to influence impulse purchases as well as retarget users based on their interests captured on the brand website. Shoptimize auto creates remarketing lists based on data collected on the website to augment your campaigns on social media. This helps in keeping the customer acquisition costs as low as possible by optimally utilizing budgets for campaigns.
Email and SMS continue to be great modes of engaging with existing customers. Shoptimize has extensive experience in designing these campaigns right from picking the correct titles to building engaging content that leads to a site visit. Repeat customer visits continue to be the largest source of revenue across the brand stores we run and this is an excellent way to fuel it. Shoptimize works with several display networks to get to newer audiences for our brands. Our campaigns are followed up with relevant messaging on the website to ensure we collect maximum information about new users as possible. All Shoptimize websites are capable of dynamic messaging allowing brands to tell a story that is most relevant to the segment of the user. As mobile internet usage touches 90% of overall internet usage, the available real estate and mind space is ever shrinking. Our dynamic messaging capabilities have been successfully pitching the right message to the right customers thus helping our clients to increase their conversion rates by over 4x.