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that is built to be experienced



Modular, flexible, real-time

Data is at the core of our product, and our ability to collect and aggregate data, in real-time, from different sources forms the basic foundation of our product.

We use standard APIs and the Shoptimize Growth Platform comes pre-equipped with the ability to connect to 20+ data sources out of the box. Designed to be modular and flexible, customers can easily plug and play additional data sources, as needed.



Your security is our priority 

Data security and regulatory compliance are critical for every business. 

To ensure strict adherence and oversight, we have developed a governance framework that is built into the system. It constantly monitors key parameters, raises alerts upon potential breaches and tracks and maintains records for audit purposes. 


An intelligent, self-learning system that gets better with time

With millions of data points pouring in from different sources, manual processing can be overwhelming. The Shoptimize Growth Platform uses various machine learning models and heuristic algorithms to analyse data and decipher trends and patterns. Using this, it generates insights and makes growth recommendations that can impact revenue.


These models have been built in-house. It is a self-learning system that keeps improving, by trying new strategies, learning from it and continually adapting based on the learnings. It also draws upon our learnings from successfully running and growing the eCommerce business of hundreds of brands, sector specific data, and industry trends and benchmarks.



Built for reliability and scale

The Shoptimize Growth Platform is a SaaS product. Using the best in class cloud platform, it offers flexibility and can automatically scale, allowing your operations to continue seamlessly.

The IP has been built to be cloud agnostic, thus making it portable, if needed. The product and tech stacks take advantage of the public cloud infrastructure, where relevant. Security and compliance are the heart of the architecture, allowing the platform to grow and scale with strict governance in mind. 



Intuitive to use, accessible on the go

A product built to address the unique needs of different types of users. Whether you are an executive looking for a quick overview of your business health, or a digital marketing manager looking to do a deep dive into your campaign performance, the product is easy to navigate and configure as per your preference.  

Your eCommerce business is active 24x7 and sometimes decisions are time critical. The Shoptimize Growth Platform offers an interface on desktop as well as mobile, so you can access it on the go, and act upon recommendations  immediately.

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