December brought in some Holiday cheer and everyone in the office was excited as we knew Secret Santa would be here…

The names were picked (our friends based out of other cities were included too) and we were good to go. Shimmery streamers, glittery diy snowflakes, mistletoe’s of all sizes, twinkling lights, our good old Christmas tree and the nip in the air added more Christmas Feels to our Work space

On the 22nd of December, we experienced generosity, love, joy and so much happiness as each one kept a gift with a special note for a colleague below the Christmas Tree. This year was even more special as people took extra efforts to creatively wrap the gifts and make it truly special for their colleague, be it in the form of multiple gifts or even creating a treasure hunt for them. Carols playing in the background, cheerful laughter and the eagerness to open the gifts was only the beginning….soon, everyone was split into 9 random groups and were asked to join the organizers on the Office Terrace for some fun and crazy games that brought everyone together across all teams

The 80’s and 90’s was an era where kids grew up listening to some very creative ad jingles, so the game “Pass-code” was the ideal ice-breaker as it made all the 9 groups for the evening dig out and sing some exceptional jingles before entering the Play-Zone. Next up, “The Grocery-List” was a game to put a spotlight on how much we can achieve when we are completely in sync and on the same page as our team mates. The last game was truly the cherry on the cake;”Gubbare” as we called it, was not just a game but infact it was “Food For Thought”, something to ponder over and something we could all resonate with. By the time all the games were over, our hearts were overflowing with emotions of all kind however, our minds were light and at peace. As we headed downstairs, we carried back with us some valuable tips on how the slightest change in our perspective towards work and people at our workplace can make a difference. As we stepped back into office, the aroma of the sumptuous snacks filled the air and all those monstrous hungry mice in our tummies were put to rest

Looking back on the year that has gone by, we’ve had a great year here at Shoptimize and 2019 already looks promising!

Here’s wishing you all a very very Happy and Prosperous New Year!